community standards? my ass



YES, I finally reported someone, lol, a libtard

first I want to say, im always in fb jail for sharing what I think are funny mems. I do not go around harassing people or arguing, unless it is a group made for that, and then I go out of my way to not call people names. Yesterday several women were arguing with a liberal man who kept calling us names and insinuating we were dumb, said “feminists pile in there as though their opinions count beyond another feminists fluffing” and something about my head in the sand just like woman, . One of the women got fb jail for saying she felt sorry for him. and this is what fb said about it when i reported him. and his cover photo on his fb is Trump grabbing the statue of liberty by the privates

he was being a bully because we were talking about the high cost of insulin, it was stupid, he was stupid and fb is stupid =)


some context

it went n for hours after this wen others joined in. no ne agreed with his dumb ass but fb


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